Back in the day, Japanese console games were king. What late-20s gamer doesn’t fondly remember the classics like Final Fantasy VII, Tactics Ogre, Street Fighter, Metal Gear, the original Super Smash Bros, and the spate of Japan-produced side-scrollers owing their lineage to Mario?

Unfortunately, while great Japanese games do exist and are still being made, general consensus on English-language gamer forums is that the vast majority of modern Japanese games have devolved into 25-hour, barely interactive CG films and creepy boob-ogling simulators.

And, with this widening rift between Japanese game fans and Western gamers, the darker, dirtier corners of the Internet can get a bit cheeky with their memes.

Exhibit A:


This mock box art imagines a Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare produced in Japan, and pokes fun at the gamut of Japanese game tropes: kawaii, adolescent female protagonist in schoolgirl uniform with comically oversized weapon, anime motif, and tie-in with other Japanese franchise (the Japanese entertainment industry is absolutely bonkers for tie-ins). It even comes complete with an automatic negative review from a Western game journalism outlet and, perhaps with a cheeky jab at certain anime and moe-style game series, is rated “I for Incest”.

I’m sure there are some 4chan inside jokes here that are probably going over my head, too, and, in fairness, it also pokes fun at big Western publishers and their penchant for blatant cash-grab DLC and in-game advertising.

Joking aside, though: We actually really want to play Call of Oniichan.

Source: Yurukuyaru via My Game News Flash
Images: My Game News Flash