You know that we at RocketNews24 love to do crazy things with McDonald’s foods, like cooking a Big Mac Value Meal in a rice cooker or ordering different burgers without the buns.This time, we did a little experimenting with 10 McDonalds hamburgers and a unique cooking product that we’ve been fascinated with, called “Matomeruko Easy” (which would roughly translate to “Easy Mix-N-Solidify Powder” in English).

The “Matomeruko Easy” is an amazing powder which, according to the sales copy, lets you “mix and combine your usual meal into a soft solid form“. It’s supposed to be very easy to use – all you need to do is mix food, water and the powder in a blender, and voila, you have a new food with a jello-like consistency. But is this powder for real? We decided to find out by buying 10 McDonald’s hamburgers and making one giant hamburger out of them using the Matomeruko powder.

Here’s what we did. First, we separated the 10 hamburgers into 4 different parts – 2 separate piles of buns, the hamburger patties and the pickles. Then, we processed each part in a blender, and then we put all the components together to create a giant-sized hamburger. The most difficult part actually was blending the buns. When we just threw the buns and the water and powder into the blender, the blades didn’t rotate smoothly at all, and we ended up having to adjust the amount of bread and water multiple times before we were able to blend the ingredients. It wasn’t exactly easy, but in the end, we managed to create one huge hamburger as planned!

So, how did it taste?

Parts (but not all) of the large hamburger had texture similar to jello or flan. Because we mixed in a considerable amount of water, the flavor was a bit weak, so it probably tasted better with some salt or ketchup. We used the pickles as they were, without processing them, which did a nice job of giving the hamburger some added flavor and texture.

A word of advice on using the Matomeruko Easy powder: Don’t try to mix everything together at once. It’s better to add the ingredients, including the water, a little at a time, because you’ll get less than favorable results if you dump in all the ingredients together in just any amount.

Well, it was an interesting experience, and since this Matomeruko powder is supposed to let us mix and solidify foods without ruining their original flavor, we’re hoping we have the chance to use it again with other ingredients.

Photos: RocketNews24

▼We bought 10 hamburgers that cost 100 yen ($1.25) each.

▼We separated them into 4 parts…

▼…like this.

▼We tore up the buns.

▼We put in the powder and mixed it in a blender.

▼We tore up more buns.

▼We mixed again.

▼The bread turned into paste form and eventually solidified.

▼We mixed the meat in the blender too.

▼The meat also turned into paste form and then solidified.

▼We placed the solidified parts on top of each other.

▼We put on the pickles.

▼We put on the top bun.

▼We placed and adjusted the layers on top of each other just so.

▼This is what it looked like from the side.

▼We put in the pickles just like in an actual hamburger.

▼See the hamburger cut in half.

▼The RocketNews staff ate the hamburger in the end.

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