There’s not room for anything else on this pie of pickles.

Pizza delivery chains in Japan aren’t afraid of thinking outside the box when it comes to what they put on top of their pizzas, and Domino’s Pizza Japan is no exception. Corn? Mayonaise? Fish and chips? Those have all been on pies Domino’s has delivered in Japan.

But now the chain is pushing pizza pioneering in an especially bold direction with its new Pickles Pizza.

No attempts at being coy in the naming here. The Pickles Pizza comes topped with 600 grams (1.32 pounds) of sliced dill pickles. There are so many that they basically blanket the entire top-facing side of the pizza.

▼ Domino’s describes the pickles as having a “crisp” texture.

If you’re thinking that even then the pizza looks especially green, it might be because there’s no contrasting red, as there’s no tomato sauce on the Pickles Pizza. Domino’s believes tomato sauce would cover up the taste of the pickles, so instead they drizzle the crust with a camembert cheese sauce for what it promises is “an exquisite balance” between the sour notes of the pickles and the richness of the cheese. While not explicitly mentioned by Domino’s, such a large and concentrated volume of pickles and camembert most likely also produces an intense aroma.

“For all pickle lovers,” declares Domino’s in its announcement tweet. “We won’t let anyone call pickles a garnish ever again. From now on, pickles are a main dish!”

The company says the Pickles Pizza was inspired by a recent U.S. trend of using pickles as pizza toppings. With several kinds of pickles commonly showing up in classical Japanese cuisine, Japan isn’t opposed to pickles in general, but the Pickles Pizza concept is getting mixed reactions on Twitter.

“I like how Domino’s isn’t afraid to come out with divisive products like this.”
“Oh wow – I totally want to eat this!”
“My meal plans are now set!”
“Is it April 1 already?”
“I like pickles, but even I think this is kind of ridiculous.”
“I bet it smells terrible.”
“For people like me, who don’t like pickles at all, this would be hell.”
“I feel like I want to try it, but when I find out it doesn’t taste good I don’t know what I’ll do with all the leftovers.”
“Maybe pickles junkies will like this but I feel like pickles taste best when they’re eaten with some meat too.”
“If this had tomato sauce, people who like hamburgers would probably want to try it.”
“Honestly, it doesn’t look like it tastes good, but I still want to order it just to find out what it’s like.”
“Will anyone actually enjoy eating this? All I can see it as is something you’d be forced to eat after losing a bet.”
“Can you order the Pickles Pizza but ask them to hold the pickles?”

Regarding the last comment, odds are you can ask for no pickles and have Domino’s make you a tomato sauce-less camembert cheese pizza. On the other hand, customers have confirmed that, just like with other pizzas Domino’s offers, you can request “double toppings” through the chain’s online order app for the Pickles Pizza. It’ll cost you an additional 590 yen (US$4.40), but you will get 1,200 grams (2.65 pounds) of pickles.

The Pickles Pizza is offered only in the 40-centimeter (15.7-inch) diameter “New York size” (because Domino’s Japan doesn’t do easily understandable size names), priced at 2,495 yen for carry-out or 5,090 yen for delivery and is on sale now for a limited time.

Source: PR Times via Entabe
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