It’s great that we have the Nobel Prize to give credit to the often unspoken heroes of the scientific community who continuously change our lives for the better. For example, Professors Sir John Gudon and Shinya Yamanaka’s work on stem cell research could potentially save countless lives and improve everyone else’s.

With that in mind, after a recent cabinet meeting Minister Makiko Tanaka unveiled their plan to present Prof. Yamanaka with – cue Price is Right music – a brand new washing machine!

Minister of Education, Culture, Science, Sport, and Technology Tanaka made the suggestion that cabinet members each chip in 5,000 to 10,000 yen (US$63-$126) to buy the home appliance for the Nobel laureate on 16 October.

During a press conference after the award decision was made, Prof. Yamanaka told the media that he received the call while trying to fix a rattle in his current washing machine.

Minister Tanaka’s suggestion is still under review to make sure it doesn’t break any laws. We can only hope that the good professor can get his machine and do laundry in peace.  He deserves that much.

Source: 47 News (Japanese)
Image: Amazon