Meeting a movie star can be like finding winning the lottery for many people. Having lived in Toronto for 5 years where a great number of Hollywood movies are shot and home to a major film festival, the biggest celebrity I ever saw was a lady who did 5 minute segments between reruns of The Simpsons and Married With Children on the local station.

On the other hand some people have all the luck like our very own Yoshio who scored big on his first day of a business trip to New York running into none other than Ferris Bueller himself, Matthew Broderick!  More amazing than seeing the star of the American Godzilla in the flesh was discovering his superhuman ability to blur his own face in photos.

Having just arrived in the Big Apple, Yoshio was wandering the streets in search of something to eat.  Just then he noticed a large crowd gathering outside of a theatre.

Forgetting his hunger he thought, “What the hell’s that?” and went to check it. Making his way through the crowd he was surprised to see the voice of Simba signing autographs and taking photos with fans. It seems he was just finishing a performance of Nice Work If You Can Get It on Broadway.

Reaching for his camera Yoshio took a picture of the star of stage and screen but when quickly checking the photo Matthew’s face was blurred out! He quickly went for another snapshot but again everything but his face could be seen!

“What trickery be this?” thought Yoshio.  He kept trying to capture the star with his camera but alas he was too late. Broderick was safely in his car on his way back to wifey, Sarah Jessica Parker.

Switching his camera to video mode he made one more effort to catch him and started filming his car.  However, a scary policeman approached and he had to turn off the camera.

Regardless of Matthew Broderick’s photographic evading abilities it was still a treat to see him in person.  Yoshio carried on in search of food with a light heart thinking “I love New York!”

Original Story, Photos & Video: Yoshio on Pouch

Notice how everything in the photo except Broderick and his companion is clear