If you’ve ever bought a phone in Japan, even an iPhone, you may have noticed that the annoying shutter sound can’t be switched off. The reason for this is so perverts don’t shove their phones up some poor girls skirt and snap a souvenir to take home. No joke. Japanese law actually requires manufacturers to make their camera’s shutter sound impossible to silence because of the frequency of upskirt photography incidents on the crowded trains and busy streets of cities like Tokyo.

This doesn’t stop the creepos though, who try to keep their cover with a timely (and probably obvious) cough or by using video instead of regular photo. But if you’re going to be discreet about it, at least take a look around lest you end up like the guy in the photo above, who had his picture taken while taking pictures of a young woman’s underwear on a train in Saitama.

According to the description, the photo was taken at 17:04 on the Keihin-Tohoku Line just as it approached Kawaguchi Station. The photographer posted it to Twitter immediately after, and it went viral in a matter of moments.

Despite riding on what appears to be a fairly crowded train, the culprit is seen leaning over awkwardly with his gaze fixed on his victim’s back as he films her underwear.

The person who posted the photo to Twitter writes that he “took action” against the man, but the man ran away before he could do anything. We’ve blurred out the man’s face to avoid getting sued for libel (it happens with crazies like these, believe us), but if there’s any justice in this world the photo will end up at the top of a coworker’s Twitter feed.