In by far the saddest news story of the day so far, a 38-year-old Indonesian woman has been arrested after drowning her son in the family bathtub, giving the reason that his penis was “too small” for him to possibly enjoy a happy life.

According to sources, the woman was dissatisfied with the size of her 9-year-old son’s penis following a routine circumcision operation and so decided to end his life, later telling police: “I thought that, with such a small penis, my son would have no hope for a bright future.”

After he had bathed, the mother drowned her son on Feb. 28 at their family home. She then removed him from the tub before dressing him and putting him to bed.

Now in police custody in Jakarta, the woman is said to be in a remarkably composed state but will be given a complete psychiatric examination.

Source: Nikkan Sports