On 29 June, Nagano police were inundated with demands for an investigation after live footage broadcast over Japan’s Niconico Video showed a caged cat being left to drown in a river.

Warning: some readers may find the content of this report upsetting.

It’s reported that the suspect, one Fuyuki Hattori, admitted to charges of violating animal law, saying: “I only wanted to show how to exterminate these pests. I regret my rash action.”

By the way, according to police, this “rash action” was to set-up a trap outside his home prior to the morning of the 29th in which he captured a cat. He then rashly waited until the evening of that day to drive to the river. Finally, he rashly drove along the looking for a good spot to drown the defenseless animal because “it was too shallow everywhere.”

Once he had found a suitable location, he placed the cat into the water and begun videoing it on his smartphone, on which he had rashly set up a live feed through Niconico video ahead of time.

It was also suggested that the suspect’s rural background may have played a part in how he treated cats. That seems like utter BS, though, as any farm boy would know how to kill an animal as quickly and painlessly as possible rather than spend an entire day trying to slowly drown it.

Taking a moment to move away from how sick this guy allegedly is, let’s also celebrate his monumental alleged stupidity. What could the thought process have been to imagine that broadcasting the torture and murder of what is clearly the internet’s most beloved animal was not the worst idea?

Sadly, even if Hattori is found guilty, the punishment for this violation probably won’t be as strict as some would like. However, with the enemies he probably just made online, this man’s inboxes should be full of penis enlargement ads for a long time to come.

Source:  J-Cast News, Yahoo! Japan News, Naver Matome (Japanese)
Video: YouTube –Tomo News Japan