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While bikes are an easy, economical and environmentally friendly way to get from A to B, a 19-year-old Chinese man recently learned that there’s no such thing as a safe way to get around town.

Click below to read the story of how this unfortunate young man, after losing control of his bike and smashing into a tree, spent seven hours with his testicles separated from his body. You might want to cross your legs for this one, guys.

The accident happened in the southeastern Chinese city of Guangzhou when the 19-year-old was heading home after helping his mother. He was riding his bike together with his friend when they came across a decent sized hill. While his friend got off his bike to walk down the hill, the man decided to keep riding.

While descending the hill, the man soon realized that there was something wrong with his brakes. He quickly lost control, picked up a dangerous amount of speed and was thrown from his bike. Besides breaking his right arm and giving him quite the concussion, the impact from the crash ruptured his scrotum and sent his family jewels flying.

▼ In case you’re not cringing enough, here’s an animated recreation of the accident courtesy of Chinese media

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The man was taken to a local hospital, but had to be sent to a larger hospital nearby for emergency surgery when the doctors realized the extent of his injuries.

Almost seven hours passed between the accident and when they finally performed the surgery and doctors were very concerned at the long amount of time the man’s delicates were left exposed outside his body.

▼ Even pixellated, you can clearly make out the face of a very uncomfortable man

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According to Chinese media reports of the accident, the man’s condition has since stabilized and he should be fine, but doctors remain very concerned about the possibility of infertility.

The man’s mother talked to a TV station about her son’s condition and began sobbing when she spoke about the possibility of her son never being able to have children. She explained that in addition to facing the possibility of losing a testicle, he would live of life of shame in their rural hometown when townsfolk found out that he would never be able to produce offspring. 

▼ The man is recovering from the accident in the hospital, but according to his mother, the word is still out about the recovery of his social status

2014.06.22 bike man 2

The man’s doctor spoke to the Chinese TV station and explained that he thinks the man received the bulk of his injuries when he was thrown from the bike, hitting the seat and handles on his way towards the tree. The doctor then made a passionate plea to the audience and asked them to be more careful when riding bikes, saying that this was one of the worst accidents he has ever seen.

So the next time you hear someone casually mentioning that they would “give a testicle” for something, you might want to bring up the saga of this Chinese man’s real experience with almost losing his huevos. Of course, be sure to check those brakes before getting onto any bikes!

Sources: Gx News, HSW
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