The sadness of a child who’s lost his dessert is too large to be contained on this earth.

In Japanese drinking culture, a night of boozing is supposed to be capped off with a proper shime, or edible closer. The most popular shime is ramen, usually scarfed down at an all-night noodle joint, but the husband of Japanese Twitter user Kuma to Hitsuji (@8Goq1dRYW8X3QpY) was craving something a little sweeter when his alcohol induced munchies hit.

Luckily for the inebriated husband, when he arrived home he found a cream-filled bun in the kitchen, which he scarfed down before going to bed. Unfortunately, though, Kuma to Hitsuji hadn’t bought the pastry for her husband’s midnight snack, but for their four-year-old child’s breakfast.

“Last night, my drunk husband ate the cream bread that our four-year-old son had been looking forward to eating for breakfast,” Tweeted Kuma to Hitsuji. “This morning, we found crumbs and the wrapper from the pastry left in the kitchen sink, and our kid was so sad and frustrated that the only thing he said was ‘Daddy, please fly off into space!’

“Isn’t he adorable? Now I’m going to plant my husband in the garden,” Kuma to Hitsuji concluded.

While the last part might sound like a threat to bury her husband alive, it’s likely a reference to the Japanese folktale Princess Kaguya, about a lunar princess who’s found inside a stalk of bamboo. The bittersweet story ends with Kaguya returning to the moon, never again to see her adoptive family on Earth, and it seems like Kuma to Hitsuji’s son was ready to likewise cut ties with his dad over the theft of his sweet treat.

Online reactions were a mix of genuine sympathy and smiles over the way in which the child expressed his emotions, with commenters saying:

“Too bad about the cream bread, but your son is adorable.”
“So cute. Kids really are precious.”
“When I was three or four, I used to always eat the snacks my dad had bought for himself to enjoy with his beer, but he always just smiled and was so kind about it.”
“A long time ago, my dad ate the candy a friend had given me as a souvenir. It’s a hard path some of us have to walk in life.”
“Back when I was still in elementary school, my dad ate some chocolate I’d bought, and I got mad at him, and not in the cute way your son did (LOL). Oh, but my dad felt bad about it and the very next day he bought the same chocolate again for me.”

To his credit, it looks like Kuma to Hitsuji was similarly repentant after she told him how sad their son had been, and that he’d still been crying when it was time for him to go to preschool for the day. To try to make amends, Kuma to Hitsuji’s husband took the family out to eat dinner at the son’s favorite ramen restaurant, and also bought him an eclair from a fancy bakery, making the ending of the story salty and sweet, just like their son’s innocently angry reaction to Dad eating his cream bread stolen.

Source: Twitter/@ 8Goq1dRYW8X3QpY via Hachima Kiko
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