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Last month we introduced a clever invention that held a heavy laptop over the user’s head, allowing anyone to use their computer while lounging in bed. This month we found a different version of the same concept: an overhead tablet stand. As long as they are sturdy enough to support the weight of their intended device, the laptop and tablet stands seem like useful products. But if the stands did fail and if you had to choose, we’re guessing you’d rather get a tablet to the face than a laptop. 

The stand consists of a tablet holder, bendable neck, and base plate. To use the stand, simply secure your favorite device into the holder and place the base plate under something sturdy (i.e. a bed or couch). The stand is large enough to accommodate a tablet or book up to 195mm, which is plenty of room for an iPad. It can also be positioned at any angle thanks to the stand’s bendy arm. It is currently retailing for 4,980 yen (US $52.13) online.

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Tablet stand6

Now you can easily use your iPad while lounging on the couch, lying on the floor, or loafing around in bed. Why not get creative and use your iPad while brushing your teeth, taking a bath, or hanging upside-down? Better yet, strap your laptop into the overhead laptop stand while using the overhead iPad stand for an in-your-face web surfing experience. The real world is yours to ignore in a variety of new places thanks to this unique tablet stand.

Source: Weekly Ascii

Images: Ascii store