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In an effort to develop individuals who will be active in global society, the Liberal Democratic Party of Japan’s Headquarters for the Revitalization of Education has compiled a draft proposal which includes making it a prerequisite to score above a certain number of points in the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) exam before being allowed to enter university.

The proposal states, “The development of human resources is essential for achieving the Abe Cabinet’s most important issue, economic revitalization. Moving away from egalitarianism, strategic human resource development aimed at strengthening top achievers will be undertaken.”

In order to develop globally-active individuals, the draft recommends a three-pronged approach: drastically reforming English language education; revamping science and math education with an aim to promoting innovation and a doubling of PhDs; and enhancing education for information and communication technology.

For the English language component, the draft recommends setting a minimum score for an English proficiency test, such as TOEFL, as a university entrance requirement. To help students achieve the required grade, the proposal suggests, among other things, that class sizes be decreased by increasing the number of English teachers, and financial support be expanded to reduce the cost of studying overseas.

Additional suggestions include assigning full-time science teachers to elementary schools, and providing all elementary, junior and senior high school students with tablet computers.

The Headquarters for the Revitalization of Education plans to finalize its proposal and submit it to Prime Minister Abe this week.

Source: NHK News Web

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