Kunugigaoka Junior High School, and particularly CLASS 3-E’s amazing artificial lifeform teacher Koro-sensei is known for his innovative and unique tactics of teaching his students. From making songs about math based off of anime opening themes, to moving at Mach 20 just to create “after image tutor copies,” Koro-sensei will stop at nothing to make sure that his students learn their lesson.

Now it seems that he’s turned his immense smile in another direction to bring the same one on one quality teaching to the hands of students everywhere, with the official Assassination Classroom English Textbook!


Published by Jump j Books, this educational experience is aimed at college and graduate students, and contains over 1000 different applications for learning English, from the basics to more advanced and unique lessons. The illustrations and inserted omake manga were drawn and written by Assassination Classroom‘s own Yūsei Matsui, while the short stories compiled in the book were written by Ataro Kuma.



Busy: Recently we’re just too busy to kill our teacherOn top of the basic lesson sections, which include hilariously applicable vocabulary to the series, the textbook itself includes plenty of fun and interactive ways to learn English. These include “Bitch-sensei’s Pick-up Line Lecture” which teaches the best way to impress any English speaker before stealing their heart, and “Okajima-kun’s Erotic English Vocab.”


Of course, everyone’s favorite characters will be making various appearances throughout the book, showcasing their own unique English skills to teach you a little something. The 265 page textbook went on sale on August 4 in Japan, and is available for purchase online through Amazon for only 864 yen (about US$8.44).


It was recently announced that Assassination Classroom would be getting an anime and a live-action adaptation. Viz Media has also announced that they have licensed the manga for publication throughout North America. While neither the anime or live-action adaptations have an official release date on them, the English version of the manga will hit shelves in December.

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