Everyone’s had one of those days when they just don’t feel like getting out of bed. Well “rare things” online store Sanco is now offering a must-have item for just such occasions: GORODEY2 Eyewear, glasses that allow you to remain flat on your back and still be entertained.

A prism reflecting images 90 degrees has been affixed to lens allowing the wearer to remain horizontal and still see in the direction of his/her feet.

gorode image
Great for watching TV
TV glasses

or reading a book/magazine/tablet.
magazine glasses

And they’re lightweight too! At a mere 85.2 grams the GORODEY2 can also be worn over regular eyeglasses.

regular glasses

Priced at just 1,980 yen (about US$21) these are sure to be a big hit among those who can appreciate a life of idleness and inactivity.

Source: Impress Watch

Photos: Sanco