South Korea has come a long way in toilet maintenance and design to the forefront of the world. With several cites boasting pristine public washrooms and at least one city offering tours of their facilities, potties are no joke here.

One highlight of South Korean toilet related beauty is the men’s room of N Seoul Tower atop Namsan Mountain in Seoul.

Built hundreds of meters above ground, these urinals are the perfect place for an acrophobe to confront their fears and keep a clean pair of pants. For the rest of us they offer a spectacular view while you take care of business.

The toilets were reported on by our friends at Japanese news site Gold Rush, who took the Namsan Cable car up the mountain for 8,000 won (US$7) and paid another 9,000 won to go to the observation deck of N Seoul Tower. In all, the day cost them about 33,000 won (US$29).

And as an added bonus, anyone needing to use the little boys’ room is treated to a view of Seoul from nearly 470 meters above sea level.

Unfortunately, the Gold Rush writers were all guys so couldn’t report on the women’s restroom for fear of causing an international incident. It’s hard to imagine a similar set-up working without some kind of series of mirrors though. However awesome that sounds.

Still for guys at least it’s a treat. And if you had a bad day at the office you can take out your aggression by pretending to pee on the entire city!

Source: Gold Rush