Wherever we go out into society, we are reminded to some degree of our gender. The most obvious example would be the male or female washrooms, or public baths. Similarly, the adult video corner in video and DVD rental shops is one which attracts what is predominantly a male customer base. Owing to this, the adult video rental corner is a place that has given rise to a rather peculiar phenomenon; something that is known as the ‘gentleman spirit’. Follow us as we explain all below!

The world of the adult video corner

As we approach the hanging noren curtain that divides the regular video section from that of the adult material and serves to remind us that this is not a place to enter lightly, there is a clear change mood. The world that lies in wait on the other side takes the form of both a war zone–in the sense that many a customer will be desperately searching for that long sought-after ‘special’ adult video–and at the same time a harmonious retreat inhabited by a species of man who possess only the most refined manners and utmost consideration for fellow like-minded AV enthusiasts.

The spirit of ‘give and take’

Wars are taking place across the world but rest assured that the probability of any hostility behind the curtain to the adult video corner is close to none. As to why this could be the case, first there’s the silent acknowledgement of the ‘compromising’, or ‘give and take’ spirit where one customer wouldn’t dare to get in the way of or become a bother to another. Standing close to another customer while searching for that special video is a breach of gentleman-like protocol. Rather, taking a step back and waiting patiently for your turn appears to be the accepted way of doing things.

Gentlemanly behavior is bizarrely instinctive

Looking on at the variety of exotic offerings, it is sometimes the case that the ‘racy’ production that catches your eye is also what another customer is after. However, the unspoken rule of giving priority to the first person on the scene is important in maintaining the civilized air within the AV section. This something that few of us are ordinarily taught, but, quite bizarrely, any man who enters into the AV corner intuitively finds themselves doing.


A solider with both refined hunting abilities and top-notch culinary skills.

Most customers who visit the AV corner go out of their way not to disturb other customers. But what is it that makes them tread so carefully? It seems that it all has to do with the seriousness with which one approaches the hunting process. In one sense, a customer of the AV genre is a hunter in that his instincts see him honing in on that all so sought-after video. In another respect, however, in order to ensure the procurement of a title that completely stimulates his senses, it is vital that he chooses the content carefully; just like a trained chef selecting only the most refined of ingredients.

No fear of dispute

If this were a regular video store, bumping into another customer would surely result in things becoming a little hostile. However in the AV corner, the accidental clashing of bodies is usually met with both parties apologizing with softly-spoken  “sorry”s, or “excuse me”s.

Unfazed by unscrupulous customers

Sometimes there will be bursts of sporadic laughter and instances of men struggling to contain their excitement. This is particularly common among groups of younger men or couples visiting the AV corner. Nevertheless, by no means do the gentlemen of this corner shows signs of discontent. Perhaps they are secretly scorning this type of person under their breath, but on the surface all is calm and tranquil; polite smiles and patient nods.

Wow! If the presence of an AV corner is this effective at pacifying male testosterone, what about making it more widespread across the world?

Wherever people congregate, there will be some form of dispute, but not in the AV corner, which is arguably the most polite and gentlemanly area of society known to man. We might even draw the conclusion that introducing more AV corners around the world would make it a more peaceful place. However, it seems that it’s not because it’s adult orientated that this phenomenon occurs. Rather, it has to do with differences in attitude to products that are rented and sold. For example, visiting a shop that has a ‘for sale’ AV section, the same gentleman-like air is usually lacking. Perhaps the etiquette that comes with AV rental has connections with the high probability of  a return trip, wherein exhibiting bad manners would only serve to dent one’s reputation.

The link between Japan as an island and the Japanese samurai spirit

If we consider the rental video shop as a large continent where the distinction of the line between countries is blurred, and the adult video corner as an island, it becomes possible to understand more of the psychology behind the phenomenon that is the gentleman spirit. Just like the Japanese samurai spirit is at least in part brought about by Japan being an island,  the isolated adult corner gives rise to a culture of politeness which one perhaps wouldn’t be wrong in even referring to as the ‘samurai corner’.

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