There are a lot of things that can ruin a good vacation and lord knows one of them is the whole airport/airplane experience in general. Lost luggage, security checks, kids kicking your seat.

But this bizarre news story from China will make you grateful those security checks are there after all.

Anyone familiar with durian? It’s billed as “the world’s stinkiest fruit,” with a smell that might be described as, “the contents of a college student’s laundry basket meets the smell coming off that old guy at the gym who never wears deodorant. “


Like natto here in Japan, the smell of durian is notably revolting to many, but apparently not to one Chinese woman who attempted to carry a large amount of the fruit onto a plane at the Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport.

Luckily security, either trying to do a solid for other passengers or literally driven into a rage by the smell of the durian, stopped the woman and told her to ditch the fruit before boarding.

A reasonable person might sigh, bid farewell to their cargo and get on with their flight, but durian lovers are clearly not reasonable people.

Instead the woman, apparently very fond of the fruit, went crazy, smashing the fruit on the floor and snarling at the security officers, “If I can’t take it on board, I’ll just eat it here!”

And then literally proceeded to eat and finish three whole kilograms of floor durian on a bench in the middle of the airport.

Now imagine having to sit next to the woman on a crowded flight while she slowly, happily munches away on the world’s foulest smelling fruit and suddenly all the hassle of those security checks seems worth it after all.
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