Expansive Cowboy Bebop Collab Café Open

The 20th Anniversary of ‘Cowboy Bebop’ continues to pay dividends to its fans—this time with a phenomenal anime café. 

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Cup Noodle Championship: Which convenience store tantanmen is the most delicious?

Meg ranks four new broth-less, Szechuan-style cup noodle bowls to find out which ones will have the best taste of China.

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Japanese dad turns daughter’s drawings into her bento lunches

The bigger the imagination, the crazier the lunchbox.

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Cup Noodle makers engineer 5,000-yen device to knock off cabbage that sticks to lids of yakisoba

Nissin not only makes delicious noodles, they make the world a better place through innovation.

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Make potato chips twice as delicious by soaking them in green tea before eating them【SoraKitchen】

If it works for white rice, the ochazuke recipe can work for potato chips too!

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Mos Burger fries up an unusual fusion with Tempura Rice Bowl Burgers

Ever wanted to combine the classic Japanese tempura rice bowl with a Western favorite, the burger? No? Too bad, because Mos Burger has done it for you.
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Adventures in Morocco: Our Japanese language reporter orders a hamburger, gets a surprise

There was meat, there was bread, and there were fries, but it still wasn’t quite as expected.

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Fatburger opens in Tokyo, and we do battle for the throne with its huge 1.5-pound US Kingburger

After tasting defeat at Fatburger in America a year ago, we’re back for a rematch as the Los Angeles-based burger chain comes to Japan.

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Domino’s Pizza Japan now sells curry to dip its pizza crust in, and we want it so bad

Clam chowder and chili dips also available, and are enticing alternatives to Japanese pizza with mayo.

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Reserve a spot at Michelin award-winning Waranokura for an unforgettable udon experience

Our Japanese reporter investigates the Michelin-recommended udon restaurant and nabs one of their precious thirty meals per day.
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Shun seafood sushi with new meat sushi lineup at Japan’s favorite kaitenzushi chain

Sushiro thinks outside the box by letting you stuff yourself with sirloin, kalbi, and chicken tempura sushi.

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Japan goes crazy for “gaming eggs,” and here’s the super-easy recipe【SoraKitchen】

Here’re the simple secrets behind these mysterious eggs that video game fans and foodies alike have fallen in love with.

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Female New York Sushi Chef makes amazing sushi that flies (or swims) in the face of gender roles

Oona Tempest is a world-class sushi chef whose cuisine could satisfy the palate of even the pickiest sushi connoisseurs.

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America’s Fatburger opens its first restaurant in Japan, promises extra-fatty burgers

Tokyo’s Shibuya neighborhood welcome the Los Angeles-based burger institution.

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Will wearing 10 McDonald’s Japan coupon T-shirts at once let you earn money for eating Big Macs?

In our latest attempt to get rich and eat fast food, we test the limits of the Uniqlo/McDonald’s discount campaign.

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New Ume Sake Japanese Kit Kat features the flavour of traditional plum wine…with a twist

Move over Sake Kit Kats, there’s a new Plum Sake in town.

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Japanese company develops matcha paste that retains more health benefits than a cup of green tea

The next new trend for gourmets is green tea pastes, in four differently coloured tea varieties.

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Tokyo restaurant has all-you-can-drink sake and all-you-can-eat sushi, and all of our love

Located not far from the Tokyo Skytree, this might just be our favorite place on Earth.

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New Japanese Kit Kat flavour on its way, as finalists from international voting announced

The top 21 flavours, tallied from votes around the world, include Wasabi Cheese, Fresh Ginger, and Pearl.

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Brand-new Cardcaptor Sakura Cafe opens in Tokyo this week, with Kero-chan calling the shots

Magical girl anime mascot opens his own restaurant at the foot of the Tokyo Skytree.

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