Have you ever noticed that when you’re messaging someone while you’re really mad or really excited about something, your typing becomes faster? Even the slowest hen pecker typist is able to kick it up a notch and bust out a scathing remark at record speed. But the typist in this video is some kind of typing wizard. Watch as his lightning quick fingers dance across the keyboard, no anger required.

Here’s what YouTube commenters had to say about this guy and his fast fingers:

And I thought I was fast…

What did he write?

If I were the CEO, I would employ him!!! LOL

I can do this too: asdhfjh,dgsdgfvsdgcvhsdvckejhc­filqergqergrtrtwbhrgbgnhmh

This is how I look when someone comes in to my room without knocking

This man needs a RAISE!

There’s a legend about a girl who was fingered by him, and she’s still having orgasms years later.

O-kay. Thanks for sharing that last one…

The man in the video is typing so quickly that it doesn’t even look like he’s entering anything into the computer. If he wasn’t reading information off of a piece of paper and switching to new papers every so often, we’d think he was just arbitrarily banging on the keys. Maybe he is and we’re all chumps.

Take a look for yourself. Is he the world’s fastest typist or just some guy mashing a keyboard?

Source: Kotaro