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According to the UN World Tourism Organization, the Chinese topped world tourism spending in 2012, emptying their wallets to the tune of US$102 billion while on holiday abroad. The move marks a six place jump up the ranks from seventh spot in 2002. Japan, meanwhile, dropped from fourth to eighth over the same 10-year period.

Tourists from Russia and Australia also showed big jumps in spending while those from Europe, with the exception of the Germans, have seemingly tightened the purse strings.

For those whose knowledge of national flags remains forever buried in their junior high geography texts, the English translation of the 2012 list of the top fifteen countries with the biggest spenders follows the graphic.

spending list

1) China (7th in 2002)
2) Germany (2nd in 2002)
3) United States (1st in 2002)
4) United Kingdom (3rd in 2002)
5) Russia (10th in 2002)
6) France (5th in 2002)
7) Canada (11th in 2002)
8) Japan (4th in 2002)
9) Australia (not in top 15 in 2002)
10) Italy (6th in 2002)
11) Singapore (15th in 2002)
12) Brazil (not in top 15 in 2002)
13) Belgium (13th in 2002)
14) Hong Kong (9th in 2002)
15) The Netherlands (8th in 202)

Source: ITmedia
Image: (Top) Chinesetourists, (Graphic) Tripgraphics