Two weeks ago, we brought you news about an upcoming 10th anniversary project for much-loved gaming show GameCenter CX — an event that was rumoured to take a full year to prepare. Today, we’re happy to bring you further details on the project, including the news that GameCenter CX THE MOVIE is in the works! Full details after the jump.

GameCenter CX, also knows as Retro Game Master, sees comedian and game otaku Shinya Arino battling his way through popular old-school Japanese games armed with enthusiasm, determination, and a well-stocked snack supply. With the help of his Assistant Directors, he takes on fiendish retro challenges such as Takeshi’s Challenge, the Ghosts ‘n Goblins series, and Ninja Gaiden. And he’s played no small part in the growth of the “game playthrough” category on NicoNico Video, where the armchair gamer can watch other people’s recordings and narrations on new and old games alike. No need to go through the pain of beating that boss yourself – someone else has already uploaded the whole experience for you to watch complete with witty commentary, and no danger of elevated blood pressure or repetitive strain injury.

Now, for the latest information. The following five items have been officially announced for the 10-year anniversary project.

1. Official show soundtrack

2. Special overseas episode “GameCenter CX in PARIS” due to air in October

3. Event at the famed Tokyo Budokan arena starting November 5

4. The third installment of the show’s video game series for Nintendo 3DS

5. A movie version of the show!!

The announcement is causing quite a stir among Japan’s gaming community. Right now we don’t know anything about the movie, except that it will star Arino himself (how could it not?!), but we’re already seeing comments along the lines of how exactly are they going to make a movie out of this? However, there’s no doubt that retro-gaming fans the world over will be looking forward to seeing how it plays out, along with the rest of the anniversary celebrations. We’ll keep you posted with any new developments!

Source: Net Lab