If you thought the darkness of a private karaoke box was a safe place to get it on, think again! One poor couple recently found themselves plastered all over the internet after one thoughtless employee decided to share photos of them getting fresh between bouts of singing J-Pop hits.

This isn’t the first time that private affairs have been caught on camera by shop staff and leaked online in Japan, with each time with the uploader showing scant regard for customer privacy, clearly not realizing the repercussion their actions may have.

One famous incident that demonstrates this rather well involves two celebrities spotted dining together in a hotel restaurant. The scene was captured on camera by an employee and then uploaded to the net with the headline: “This couple look like they might take things to the hotel room.” The provocative post created quite a stir among netizens and revealed just how widespread something can become through a single person’s inconsiderate actions. It also highlights how the internet can be a double-edged sword in the respect that as a tool for spreading information, it is undoubtedly extremely useful. However once that information makes it out there, it becomes literally impossible to recover and can spread like a virus.

The most recent incident began when an employee at a karaoke parlor spotted a couple having sex in their private room on a CCTV feed. He was quick to take a few shots of the footage and uploaded them to Twitter with the message:

“At work. Another couple going at it in their room! Careful what you do in front of the camera!!! LOLOL” 

Obviously releasing such compromising footage is strictly prohibited, but regardless of the rules, it isn’t enough to stop some workers looking for a cheap thrill at the expense of their customers.

Getting frisky at a karaoke parlor admittedly deserves a cautioning but when a member of staff in a position of responsibility takes advantage of their role, ultimately it is the member of staff who becomes the guiltier party.

Some netizens enraged by such outright disrespect for privacy made a net tweet entitled, “Just who is the culprit? Let’s track them down!” At the time of writing, through the efforts of the online community, the karaoke parlor in question has already been made public. If things develop even further it could mean the staff member who posted the pictures being hunted down by angry netizens or even sued by the couple whose privacy was invaded.

Perhaps it is time to think about the role of surveillance cameras as a means to prevent infringement of the law and maintain public safety. If events like those above continue to trickle out, surely it’s only a matter of time before those doing the surveilling become subject to surveillance themselves?

Source: Gadget Tsushin