This footage caught by a surveillance camera ought to make you cringe and smile in just over one minute.

WARNING: This video contains graphic images that some viewers may find unsettling

The video starts with a young woman walking across a busy intersection in Anhui on a drizzly early morning of 18 March.

Then a van making a left turn from behind inexplicably drives directly into her, first lifting her onto the hood and then dragging her beneath the wheels.

She was dragged a few feet before the van came to a stop. One pedestrian rushed to the accident and along with the driver, found that the woman was trapped underneath.

As the driver checked on the woman, the pedestrian appeared to call for help from those around him. One by one, people rushed in from the sidewalk and their cars working together to lift the vehicle.

In under a minute they were able to get the van up enough to pull the woman out from underneath. According to CCTV News she miraculously only suffered minor injures as a result.

Perhaps because the van was turning left and had the driver and his passenger both sitting on the left side of the vehicle, much of the weight was focused on that side while the right wheels went over the woman without the van’s full force.

However it happened, we’re glad she’s safe and the whole experience goes to show that all over the world, whether it’s in China, Japan, or Singapore, total strangers are always willing to band together to help someone in a desperate situation.

Source: People’s Daily Online via Neatorama
Video: YouTube/CCTV News