Kenin Temple is a historic landmark in Kyoto which houses works of art such as Japan’s national treasure, Tawaraya Sotatsu’s Fujin and Raijin. This stoic building is said to be Japan’s oldest Zen Buddhist temple and for a limited time from July 17 to 21 it was full of oppai (lit. boobs) of all colors shapes and sizes in the Oppai Art Lab 2013.

Wondering why Kenin Temple would hold such a non-traditional exhibit, we went down to check it out.

The event was sponsored by the Breast Cultural Research Association (Breast Res. Assoc.), an interdisciplinary group that looks at breast-related issues like cancer and also delves into the realms of sociology, art and psychology.  Exhibits such as this aim to help break down the taboos surrounding breasts and help raise awareness and open discussion for these issues in fun ways such as a boob-shaped kendama or mammary Rubik’s Cubes. Other pieces offer thought provoking images that explore and challenge the way that we look at breasts.

This is the second Oppai Art Lab with the first being held in 2001. Since there seems to be quite a large gap between exhibits, we grabbed some shots to tide you over for the next possible thirteen years.

Photos: RocketNews24
Breast Res. Assoc.: Official Site (Japanese)

Let’s start off light with a little fun and games: “Oppai Kendama”

“Oppai I-Ro I-Ro”

This inflatable oppai allows you to choose your own preferred size.

There were a variety of materials used to make breast-shaped objects.  Check your future in some crystal oppai.

There’s also some hanging works: “Great breasts but there are mosquitos.”

And finally, we’ll leave you with some of the more abstract pieces.