As many foreigners are amusedly aware, Japan is notorious for adding extra stuffing to their cup sizes in an effort to bolster the evidence of boobage. Still, not everyone in the island nation is blessed with tiny titties.

That’s right, fellas, you heard me. For many of us women, big breasts are a hindrance that we would rather do without. Even in Japan, almost 40 percent of women have complaints about their breasts, which has led them to think that they’d do better without them. An online survey conducted by My Navi Woman reveals the many reasons why women sometimes resent the existence of their boobs.

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Ladies and gentlemen, the moment we have all been waiting for is finally here. For a while we thought it might never happen, but we’re happy to announce that the hugely successful Japanese charity breast-squeeze is back!!!

That’s right, the event that grabbed the attention of millions last year is set to return this summer, with both men and women in Japan’s capital city invited to put down some yen, wash up and give a pair of warm, welcoming breasts a gentle squeeze, at once making the world a better place and ensuring that the remainder of their day is all sunshine and smiles.

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Kenin Temple is a historic landmark in Kyoto which houses works of art such as Japan’s national treasure, Tawaraya Sotatsu’s Fujin and Raijin. This stoic building is said to be Japan’s oldest Zen Buddhist temple and for a limited time from July 17 to 21 it was full of oppai (lit. boobs) of all colors shapes and sizes in the Oppai Art Lab 2013.

Wondering why Kenin Temple would hold such a non-traditional exhibit, we went down to check it out.

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Advice Corner: ‘My Wife Won’t Stop Saying “Boobs”‘

Navigating the sometimes choppy waters of marriage and relationships can be tough. Misunderstandings occur and tempers flare giving us occasional feelings of helplessness and despair.

That’s why it’s nice to be able to turn to the anonymous masses that haunt the internet for help regarding marital problems. Take, for example, a 33-year-old man whose wife refuses to say anything other than the word “boobs” to him.

That’s a problem you may be reluctant to bring to your family’s attention. Your friends, as helpful as they may be, would be honor-bound to bust your balls about it. This looks like a job for the internet!

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Despite many a man’s preference for small to average size bust lines, society as whole seems to put a lot of emphasis on large breasts. For this reason, women head to the plastic surgeon in droves for augmentation surgery.

However, wouldn’t it be nice if there was a way for those women to get the self-confidence they need without all those expensive and invasive procedures?

RocketNews24 assembled a team to find a way to enlarge breast using affordable everyday items. Naturally our guinea pig was the staff member with the nicest rack, Mr. Sato.

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A new paper released by RocketNews24’s department of Cybermammography addresses the controversial topic of images depicting women’s chests from below.

Having scoured countless images of scantily clad women researchers have found that women are mostly seen from the front or the top looking down. However, pictures taken from below are few and far between.

What exists beneath women’s breasts that makes photographers not want to view it? Realizing the possibility of encounters with minotaurs or magic, our team bravely inspects the underside of a woman’s chest.

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Coming across this Shinto shrine in Soja Okayama by chance you might think you’ve stumbled into a cartoon eye factory. However, this is Karube Shrine, also known as Oppai Jinja or Boobs Shrine.

In this age of rising incidences of breast cancer, a shrine devoted to spiritually protecting everyone’s favorite body part makes sense. But how did the Boobs Shrine come to be over 300 years ago?

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Often known as the doorway to the Internet, search engines like Yahoo! and Google are seemingly infinite mines of information, helping us find everything from anime inspired food to zebra installation. Without services like these, most of us would be lost.

As the end of 2012 approaches, data traffickers Google Japan have compiled a list of the top searches carried out by each of Japan’s 48 prefectures, unashamedly revealing the websites that we most often point our cursors at.

But one prefecture in particular is receiving a lot of attention this week as Google unveiled that people in Tokyo’s neighbour to the north, Saitama prefecture, have a special place in their hearts for hin-nyuu or tiny breasts…

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We couldn’t quite call this a “fashion”, but it certainly is a growing trend.

On the streets of urban Japan, girls with skirts so short that you could be fooled into thinking they’re not wearing one at all, or women strolling around with thigh-high stockings or boots are such a common sight that few people bat an eyelid anymore.

For perhaps decades, though, the sight of a Japanese woman with large breasts, let alone with cleavage on show, has been something of a rarity. So much so that, walking through the streets of Shinjuku recently, even my wife stopped to whisper a quick “oh my” when a young lady with a particularly prominent pair strode by us, the top two buttons of her shirt open and her goods jiggling up and down.

While most Japanese women are still shy of showing off their cleavage, however, their breasts are becoming more and more noticeable as the straps of their bags cutting across the middle of their chests and pulling their clothes tight. Whether it’s an intentional act or not, publications dedicated entirely to photos of girls with bag straps lodged between their breasts have suddenly arrived both online and in bookstores across the nation, prompting the creation of an entirely new word- paisura.

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Hug pillows featuring images of scantily-clad girls are nothing new; we’ve seen full-body, butt-cheeks, laps to lay our weary heads upon, pillows with arms to wrap around yourself…

But come December this year, one hug pillow looks set to blow all others out of the water. And it’s got two very special additions that many men will love nestling in-between…

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