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Fireworks festivals are held across Japan during July and August, despite summer being the country’s wettest season. The inevitable result of this game of atmospheric roulette is that sometimes the pyrotechnic display gets rained out.

Such was the case last Saturday at Showa Park in Tachikawa, the westernmost of Tokyo’s major population centers. Last year’s show drew over 750,000 people to the park and surrounding streets, so when the skies opened up shortly before this year’s similarly-scaled festivities kicked off, it sent a horde of people dashing back to Tachikawa Station, where they were greeted by a leaking roof that only added to the confusion.

Given the situation, it’s easy to understand how someone might drop some of their belongings, like a wallet or cell phone. How a piece of intimate apparel ended up unaccounted for, however, remains a bit of a mystery.

Twitter users shared snapshots of this blue bra, looking quite lonely by itself on the floor of Tachikawa Station.

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Ordinarily our male writing staff would point to this as an example of how we’re so handsome we can make women’s undergarments spontaneously fly off their bodies. However, the distance from our office in Shinjuku places Tachikawa just slightly beyond our calculated effective radius of approximate five miles (and well outside the phenomenon’s as of yet observed radius of exactly zero feet).

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One Internet commentator offered the theory that the bra was “a gift from heaven,” but we’ve come up with a few more secular possibilities.

1. Somewhere, two ninja are making out

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Sure, we don’t actually see the kunoichi (female ninja) owner of this bra in this picture, but what kind of shadow warrior would she be if we could?

2. It’s a trap!

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Could this perhaps be the Tokyo Police Department’s latest plan for cracking down on underwear theft?

3. It’s on its way to a date

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Finally, we haven’t completely ruled out the possibility that the bra has, in fact, become sentient, and is simply at the station to catch a train into downtown to have dinner with its boyfriend, Red Boxer Shorts. Maybe if they have time, afterwards they’ll meet up with her sister, Blue Panties, and her guy White Briefs.

▼ She’s really into his sense of responsibility, but wishes he’d learn to loosen up just a bit

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