Everyone hated studying when they were kids. Hell, everyone hated studying in college. That’s why you sat up on the top floor of the dorm with both a textbook and a beer open and somehow convinced yourself that studying drunk was totally cool as long as you were also drunk while taking the test.

But now a South Korean company has made it possible for kids and college students alike to get some hardcore studying done by creating a study prison that you may also be able to poop in because it totally looks like an old-timey latrine.


The user’s manual probably doesn’t make any real mention of pooping in the Study Cube, but with a hacksaw and a little elbow sweat, we picture you being able to saw a hole out of the wooden bench inside so that you can study for literally days on end without issue.

▼ What better way to completely isolate yourself from everything?


The Study Cube is available for a steal at around US$2,000 – a small price to pay when you think of all the tortuous hours you or your child will be able to spend inside, locked away alone with a four-hundred-dollar book about why pandas won’t have sex or something. Pictures and details of the study cube don’t reveal any sort of locking mechanism but we can only assume there is one – and if there isn’t, you can just wedge a chair up against the door so your lazy child can’t come out until he can recite five different Shakespeare plays by heart. Too far? Nah, didn’t think so.

Still not sure the Study Cube is right for you? Just look at this extremely satisfied customer!

▼ “Please. Help me.”



Source: Kotaku
Photos: Study Cube official website