Whatever the country, when taking a ride on the subway the feeling that you have entered into a whole new dimension, completely cut off from the world above, can be difficult to suppress. But in the Korea’s capital city, the division between underground and overground became a little blurred than usual for one tourist as they discovered a fully stocked grocery store in a subway car.

Unable to believe their eyes, the tourist was quick to upload a photo online, labelling it simply: “Taking the underground subway in Seoul. I stumbled upon a train that had been converted into a grocery store….”

Examining the snap closely, it’s clear that the subway car has been fitted with the same fixtures you’d expect from your average, overworld, grocery store; there’s a cash register and even refrigerated showcases complete with lighting. And the more you think about it, the more you begin to appreciate the practical merits such a unique store brings. For anyone pressed for time, the option to finish your grocery shopping during the course of your train journey really is quite appealing. We can’t help but think how great it would be if this type of store became widespread in Tokyo too. If you’ve seen anything similar in other countries, be sure to let us know!

Source: imgur
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