A warning to think twice before taking photos of a crab dinner lying in a Japanese subway station

That discarded meal might not be what it seems.

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Subway releases first-ever sweet sub sandwich in Japan

Two never-before-seen sweet dessert sandwiches appear in a world-first for the company.

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Man stops train from leaving station in Japan, video goes viral online

Elderly passenger purposely halts train and causes delay, ignoring rail staff who try to control the situation. 

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Thousands oppose Osaka Metro’s plan to change major stations in giant boats and fabric swatches

Is Osaka Metro destroying the sophistication of the city, or is it just the victim of a bunch of wet blankets?

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Japanese subway line sells a piece of guitar history worth thousands for only five bucks

This unassuming little silver box is worth its weight in gold.

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Introducing Tokyo University’s exclusive “Infinite Destroyer” sandwich from Subway

Try this sub if you like, and we mean really like, roast beef!

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Our foodie Meg takes on Subway Japan’s ridiculously big, surprisingly cheap Giant Sub sandwich

Beautifully braided, humorously huge, and astoundingly affordable.

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Heart-breaking plea from kids looking for their mama convinces Tokyo subway station to bend rules

Unauthorized notices beg woman who left girls behind to “Please call home.”

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How huge of an egg sandwich can you get at Subway with 10,000 yen? We found out

That’s not even a photo of the completed sandwich.

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Subway Japan’s crazy new seafood sandwich packs in a whole fistful of shrimp!

This massively shrimpy sandwich is the latest marine muse of our lunchroom.

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【Lucky Bag Roundup 2017】Subway sandwich chain brings us a bag of goodies for New Year

We stick to our New Year’s resolutions for eating healthy with a fukubukuro from the biggest sandwich chain in the world.

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Tokyo government teams up with Japanese rapper to promote roller coaster subway system【Video】

Take a look at Tokyo’s underground tunnels from the driver’s seat of a train in this awesome new music video.

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Japan’s public transportation system is so awesome even birds apparently want to use it 【Video】

”Why fly when you can ride?” this crow in Sapporo seems to be asking.

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This new beauty “hack” from China might make you a bit squeamish…if it’s real

You’re going to look ridiculous, but that didn’t stop these ladies on the subway. But we wonder who gave them the idea…

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Elevate your next Subway sandwich with the great taste of yakisoba

Our reporter Meg ventures waist-deep in carbs to discover a new way to enjoy Subway — and she may never turn back.

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Subway lucky bag doesn’t disappoint with food vouchers and even a blanket【2016 Lucky Bag Roundup】

Even the world’s biggest sandwich chain is getting in on Japan’s lucky bag retail tradition.

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Subway Japan launches cheesy pizza squares, but will they destroy its fresh and healthy image?

Subway is one of the most popular and successful fast food chains from the US to make it here in Japan. While of course you could always load your sub up with things like meatballs and cheese, the company has succeeded here by carving out a niche for itself as the healthy fast food option. Subway’s brand in Japan is now synonymous with fresh vegetables and lean meats, so what happens when a chain with a reputation for offering healthy, light lunches starts selling gooey, cheesy pizza?

These are not just any pizzas, though; they’re Pizza Subs, but not as Americans might know them.

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What are Tokyo trains at rush hour really like? Check out our eyewitness account!【Video】

Tokyo’s Shinjuku Station is the Guinness World Record holder for busiest transport hub in the world, with an average of 3.64 million people passing through the station, which has 36 platforms and over 200 exits, each and every day. And it’s never busier than during the morning rush hour, with commuters from all over Tokyo and its neighbouring prefectures pouring through the station on their way to work. No wonder the trains are so crowded!

Since Ashley, our Japan Wish” competition winner is currently in town soaking up as much Japanese culture as she can, we thought it would be great if she could experience the rush hour crush for herself and share her thoughts with her fellow RocketNews24 readers.

Check out the video we took of Ashley being squished like a sardine and see for yourselves how she rates the experience!

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This month’s slightly bizarre Japanese Twitter trend is showing off overly full Subway sandwiches

Subway may be as popular in Japan as it is in the US–which isn’t really surprising, since the company advertises itself as a healthy meal option. We’re not sure how healthy the sandwiches actually are, but that’s marketing for you. Nevertheless, it is true that a Subway sandwich certainly contains a lot more vegetables than, say, a Big Mac and fries.

And if you’re one of these Japanese Twitter users, your sandwich is literally bursting with vegetables! We’re not sure if this really a lifehack or not, but it is a way to get a sub sandwich and a salad all for price of the just the former.

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Taiwanese subway debuts second anime mascot, net users experience moe overload

Remember Xiao Qiong, the Taiwanese anime subway mascot we introduced you to last month? If you thought she was cute, just wait till you check out her new partner in crime who takes the moe madness to dangerous new levels.

We’re proud to present the second mascot character of Taiwan’s Kaohsiung Mass Rapid Transit System (高雄捷運, or KMRT for short). Everyone, say hi to the blonde bombshell Emilia!

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