Let’s just cut to the chase here and face the facts: Teenagers do a lot of dumb things. Now, we’re not saying that all teenagers do dumb things, but the fact remains that the part of your brain that keeps you from, say, climbing a public monument in broad daylight clearly doesn’t properly develop in high school.

At least, that’s the conclusion you might draw after seeing the ire these students have drawn after a photo of their mindless exploits made it onto Twitter.


The monument, for those who haven’t been to Nagoya, is called “Hisho,” or “Flight,” and was erected in celebration of the 100th anniversary of the city’s establishment. It’s a fairly unique construction, and the average person–Japanese or otherwise–would be surely baffled by seeing it as they exit Nagoya Station. Still, that doesn’t give the students any right to climb it!

▼ You have to admit, though, that it really is just asking to be scaled…


Also causing consternation among residents and Internet users is just how the hell the kids ended up on the monument in the first place. Since it sits in the middle of a roundabout with cars constantly zipping around and around, it’s not really clear how they got out there, though based on Google Maps, it looks like there’s a service entrance off to the side.

It seems that some sharp-eyed Internet users deduced the students’ school name based on their uniforms, leading users to wonder if maybe the three were studying architecture. Either way, many have taken it as a slap across the face, since, hey, why the hell are they climbing on a public monument!?

Internet users shared their anger towards the thoughtless kids.

This is an honorable place and is known as “the center of Nagoya.” Unforgivable.

Are they stupid? LOL Knock it off, you dumb kids!

Not with this stuff again.

If they break it, they better be forced to pay for repairs.

I’m from the same school. These punks got cops calling and looking for the culprits.

Well, it’s like they say: Stupid people and smoke like high places.

However, not everyone was quite so annoyed.

Hah! Now I want to climb it!

Oh, you can climb that??

This will just end up as a joke. It’s not really good or bad…

Well, however you look at it, this was clearly not a good idea in broad daylight. Come on, kids, if you’re going to go around trespassing, at least do it at night!

Note: RocketNews24 is not responsible for any trespassing you get caught doing, at night or otherwise!

Source/images: Byoukan Sunday