Can Japan’s one-person granite plate cooker take you to solo stone steak paradise? Let’s find out

Our favorite Japanese cooking gadget maker promises a premium steak dinner for one with no fuss.

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We try out a 100-yen store bowl designed for microwaving frozen udon noodles

This bowl went viral on Twitter…but for what?? We had to find out. 

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Get your work done inside Tokyo’s first convenience store private working booth

Just when we thought Japanese convenience stores couldn’t get any more convenient, we were proven wrong.

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Cheap paradise: Daiso’s microwave potato chip maker is healthy, easy, and delicious【Taste test】

With this, there’s really no reason for us not to eat potato chips every day.

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Popular Japanese store Loft reveals their top 12 most popular items sold in 2018【Pictures】

From reusable titanium straws to a marker pen that opens boxes, this list is a fantastic source of Christmas gift ideas for your loved ones.

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Handy portable battery charging service now available in downtown Tokyo for just 108 yen

Forgot to charge your phone or tablet before leaving home? This useful service has you covered.

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Seven more handy, bargain-priced items from Japan designed to make life easier around the house

Once again, Japan’s 100-yen shops prove that they are truly on the next level.

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New app allows commuters to share info on train delays through Twitter

While trains in Japan are revered for their reliability and punctuality, sometimes the inevitable happens, and services become delayed. If you are one of the hundreds of thousands in Japan who depend on the trains to get you to and from work each day, it can really put a damper on things to arrive at the station and find your platform crowded with other commuters, expecting a long wait.

If you had known about the delay beforehand, you could’ve planned a different route, or if that’s not an option, you could have stopped somewhere for some coffee to kill the time. It would be great if there was an app for that, you think.

Well, lucky for you there is!

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Seoul food: Tourist stumbles across grocery store inside Korean subway car

Whatever the country, when taking a ride on the subway the feeling that you have entered into a whole new dimension, completely cut off from the world above, can be difficult to suppress. But in the Korea’s capital city, the division between underground and overground became a little blurred than usual for one tourist as they discovered a fully stocked grocery store in a subway car.

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