The art of home furnishings is still struggling to keep up with the advent of smartphones and tablets. We’ve seen advances in upside-down racks but they can be large and unwieldy for everyday use. Enter Utsubusene Cushion (Face-down Sleep Cushion).

The idea of such a chest-rest is not new. The makers, Thanko Co. Ltd. say that this kind of chair-thingy has been around since ancient times in Japan. However, Thanko is hoping this ultra old-school technology will be the savior of sleepy portable device users everywhere.

Anyone who’s ever read magazines or books, or used smartphones, tablets, PSPs, Gameboys, etc. while lying down will undoubtedly have tried rolling over onto their stomach to get more comfortable. Unfortunately that promise of comfort is short lived as your elbows and shoulders begin to ache something fierce within just a few minutes.

Utsubusene Cushion supports the weight of your body leaving your arms free to turn pages; type; swipe and touch things on a screen; or hold out to your sides while making airplane noises with your mouth. It’s also adjustable and folds up for easy storage.

This cushion went on sale from 15 November and can be found at the Thanko shop in Akihabara or online at retailers such as Amazon or Rakuten. It costs 5,980 yen (US$60), but gives you an unparalleled sense of forward-facing relaxation. And we’re all for forward-facing relaxation.

Source: Thanko via Radio Kaikan Press (Japanese)