We’ve all been there: you’ve got your shiny new laptop, smartphone or tablet computer and you’re lounging around on the floor at home, watching videos on YouTube, tapping away at Plants Vs. Zombies… when suddenly your pampered, first-world body throws a hissy hit. “I’m tired! Why do I always have to hold all the expensive electronic devices!?” it moans as you start to lose the feeling in your arm or your left leg goes to sleep. You wriggle around and find a new position, but before long your body’s complaining again and you just can’t get comfy.

Oh, wouldn’t it be great if there were something – a piece of furniture perhaps – that would hold your tablet or computer for you while you did massively unimportant web browsing and lay on the floor!?

Enter the Goron tablet cushion, which not only supports your head and neck while you laze around, but comes complete with an adjustable holder for tablets, laptops and even small monitors! Yep, gamers just got that little bit lazier!

We’ve seen tablet holders before, but they’ve got nothing on Goron! Named after the Japanese word for flopping lifelessly on the floor like a big, lazy Susan, the cushion is designed to hold your expensive electronic devices while you do as little as possible.

Looking like the love-child of a kids’ booster seat and one of those ab trainer devices everyone bought in the ’90s, the Goron is available in green, orange and red, priced 19,800 yen (US$199).


▼ Laptops? No problem!


▼ Monitors? It’ll hold those, too!


Trying the Goron for myself, I found it to be surprisingly comfortable, and I was impressed with how versatile the screen-holding arm was, which allows the lazy user to adjust both the angle of the device clamped into it and move it closer or further away as desired. The cushion is somewhat difficult to climb into gracefully, but once you’re in and have shuffled down as low as you can go, you’ll be happy to stay put for a long time, able to doze off without fear of your device falling and hitting you in the face.

As well as being made for lying on the floor, Goron can be titled onto its side (you know, for when your butt gets tired), or even used in a sitting position while in a chair or on the sofa. It certainly looks a bit silly, and it’s hardly the most inconspicuous piece of furniture you’ll ever have in your home, but not having to hold or prop up your tablet or laptop while you use it is actually quite pleasant. The unit’s supporting arm is also surprisingly strong – able to hold a small monitor while I played a little Resident Evil 2, no less – so there’s no need to worry if you’re still rocking a chunky old laptop and want to go hands-free!

Soon after trying it for myself, some pretty girls arrived to model the cushion, so I promptly got out of the way so as not to ruin everyone’s photos with my big, stupid face. So here –  instead of a man in his 30s with a week’s worth of stubble – are some nice photos of the Goron tablet cushion being modelled by some attractive Japanese ladies in stripy socks.

▼ The regular Goron position.


▼ On its side for when you’re feeling sleepy!


▼ And finally, when used for sitting upright.


▼ Good to see those thigh ads are still popular in Japan!


For more information about the Goron tablet cushion head over the official website here (Japanese only, sorry!). Unless of course that seems too much like hard work, in which case remain where you are and a member of the RocketNews24 staff will be with you shortly to click the link for you and scroll the page up and down as you wish.

Photos: RocketNews24