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Do you love you anime crush enough to sit on his face?

You know an anime franchise has a loyal following when merchandisers start making pillows festooned with artwork of its individual characters. And while they’re called dakimakura, or “huggy pillows,” it doesn’t take a genius to deduce that a lot of dakimakura customers are buying theirs not for ordinary cuddling, but for a very special kind of grown-up hug.

Compared to more lascivious, relatively torso-shaped dakimakura, though, these cubic cushions, each featuring one of 12 handsome male cast members from samurai tale Hakuoki seem relatively chaste.

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Made of soft urethane, they’re probably really comfortable, too. As a matter of fact, they’re so soft that the manufacturer claims that they’ll “make your dreams of drowning in your favorite character come true.”

However, things get a little stranger when you consider the size of the cubes. At 380 millimeters (15 inches) tall, they’re a little too bulky to use as throw cushions on a sofa. The Hakuoki cushions’ website seems to agree, showing a silhouetted woman with her legs folded underneath her, Japanese-style, in front of her 2-D crush.

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But while it’s technically possible to use one of the items as a back rest, it seems doubtful that anyone would sit on the floor after buying a perfectly good cushion. And since the top surface of the cube, a 550-millimeter square, is too small to lay on top of, the only logical remaining option is to sit on the stoic samurai’s face.

▼ Place butt here.

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And don’t worry, if you flip the cushion over, there’s a simple pattern on the other side. This will help protect the primary artwork from sun damage, and, should you have human company coming over, also allows you to hide any unsightly wear and tear the character’s face has suffered during…the normal use of the cushion.

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Orders for the Hakuoki cushions, priced at 20,000-yen (US$168), can be placed here through the Premium Bandai website. Delivery is scheduled for December, at which point purchasers can “feel the happiness that comes from entrusting their body and soul to the character they love,” or at least from entrusting their backside to him.

Source: Premium Bandai
Images: Premium Bandai (edited by RocketNews24)