Jawbone art

You like sausage, right? Of course you do. But no one ever wants to see how the sausage is made. So why did this plastic surgery clinic in Seoul think it was a good idea to display two towering columns filled with the jaw bones of their past patients? It’s enough to make you rethink your pursuit of the perfect chin.

Like some twisted scene out of Saw or even your run of the mill bone graveyard, the remnants of approximately 1,000 people stand piled high at a clinic in the swanky Gangnam district of Seoul (yes, the same Gangnam from the horse-riding tuxedo-wearing Psy). If the “art piece” is anything to go by, business is doing well. If it’s hard for you to imagine why this plastic surgeon came to own so many jaw bones, here’s some before and after shots of Korean women who had chin surgery:

jaw surgery korea3

jaw surgery korea2

jaw surgery korea

Get the idea? The bone tower photo was posted on the clinic’s homepage and horrified people around the world. It has since been taken down following a government order to dispose of the installation and an investigation into the clinic’s medical practices. The clinic could face fines for the improper disposal of body parts because, you know, they didn’t dispose of them at all.

Now who wants some barbecue ribs? I’m starving!

Source: Jiji
Images: Anime Visual, Surge Cosmetic