Yeah, yeah, here comes another article about plastic surgery in South Korea. But this time there’s an international twist to it–the story is about two Thai women who received plastic surgery on a Korean TV program.

As reported by Coconuts Bangkok, the September 4 episode of Korean show Let Me In featured a pair of Thai women who received several cosmetic surgery treatments for free and which followed the entire surgerical process from start to finish. The women’s transformed faces were revealed to the public for the first time at the end of the episode. How do you think their procedures turned out?

This isn’t the first time we’ve featured the controversial South Korean documentary/reality TV program with the clever title Let Me In (Let 美人; 美人=mi-in, or “beautiful person,” in Korean) on our site–remember that episode when the 29-year-old “Old Lady Face” transformed into a youthful-looking “Dream Girl”? The general premise behind the show is that men and women try to convince the show’s hosts why they think they need surgery, and if selected, they receive free cosmetic surgery performed by a team of expert doctors in the field. In return for the procedures, the participants agree to allow their images to be used in public advertisements for cosmetic surgery.

On the Season 4 episode titled “Special Global in Thailand,” Nichakorn Kuhachit and Nisanat Tangdat were two women chosen out of 2,000 applicants to be flown to Korea to undergo a series of cosmetic surgeries.

Nichakorn stated that her nickname was always “Monkey” due to her prominent jaw line. After a lucky discovery, the surgeons also removed a tumor that was found in her chest.

Take a look at her before/after pictures below:

▼A map of all the procedures done to Nichakorn



▼Nichakorn with her mother


The main work done to Nisanat was to fix her five-mm underbite. Here’s the map of all of her procedures, as well as some before/after pictures:




You can also watch the entire episode below, from the initial ‘auditions’ in Thailand to the moment of reveal on the show. Unfortunately, there are no English subtitles available, but let’s be honest: most of us will be watching this for the images anyway.

▼Part 1


▼Part 2


I’m personally not sure how I feel about plastic surgery in general, but it’s always nice to see women gain a new sense of personal empowerment for their daily lives, if that’s what works for them.

Source: Coconuts Bangkok
Images: Facebook (Stmstyle Mt), My Seoul Secret (Let Me In Season 3 promotional image)