It is common for such establishments as restaurants and movie theatres to offer student discounts, senior discounts, and the like to its patrons, and one Tokyo bar even offers balding gentlemen money off their booze. But one restaurant in China has decided to offer a free meal only to those deemed beautiful enough.

Each person has their own tastes and preferences of what they find attractive, so if beauty is in the eye of the beholder, how does the restaurant go about judging who gets their dinner gratis?

A hot-pot restaurant in China’s Henan Province is offering a controversial discount for good-looking people, but many are wondering exactly how they go about determining what is “beautiful”. I mean, last I checked there was no International Standard of Beauty handbook or anything, and what one person finds beautiful may not be so for the next. Plus, a bad hair day, lack of sleep, or any number of factors can leave us not looking or feeling our best. And, as we’ve seen before, anyone can look good seen from the right angle.

As it turns out, the restaurant asks customers to take a scan of their face, an image of which is sent to a local plastic surgery clinic for assessment. A team of “beauty specialists” at the clinic then judges each patron’s face based on a scoring rubric, as the diners probably try to enjoy their meal while knowing that the beauty gods are at that very moment picking on every one of their physical flaws.

▼We are here to pick you apart, one imperfection at a time

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The top five ranked beautiful people within a 30-minute period will then get their meal on the house. The scoring standards are also reportedly displayed on the second floor of the restaurant, just in case you wanted to see where you were lacking.

This isn’t the first restaurant in China to run a rather backwards special. One restaurant offered free meals to tall people, and yet another gave free meals to overweight men and lightweight women. Because… double standards?

Perhaps if you’re willing to take a blow to your self-esteem for the chance of a potential free meal, this might be the place to go. If not, there are an infinite number of other restaurants that offer normal discounts and specials without subjecting you to having your mug examined by a team of plastic surgeons.

Source: shanghaiist
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