Sapporo Snow Festival

Last year we brought you a firsthand account of the 2013 Sapporo Snow Festival, with more images of snow and ice sculptures than you can get your tongue stuck to. This year, we’re sad to say we couldn’t make it out to the annual event up in Japan’s northernmost prefecture, so we’ve been living vicariously through Twitter users. Some of the images we’ve seen are too good not to share, so we decided to give you a little taste of the snow festival through the following gallery of images from Twitter.

If you’re wondering about the featured image, it depicts a sculpture of the tomb of Itimad-ud-Daulah in India. A computer uses projection-mapping technology to project images on the white snow, making brilliant designs dance across the building. Here’s another image of the same sculpture:

Sapporo Snow Festival24Image: Twitter (Sapporo6h)

Now on to more beautiful images of the 65th annual Sapporo Snow Festival!

Sapporo Snow Festival7Image: Twitter (Hound_7)

▼ The ice and snow sculptures are gorgeous by day.

Sapporo Snow Festival8Image: Twitter (IRC_Sapporo)

▼ And breathtaking by night.

Sapporo Snow Festival 10Image: Twitter (taiwannp)

▼ The same sculpture in the middle of construction.

Sapporo Snow Festival11Image: Twitter (kyunchan_dc)

Sapporo Snow Festival6Image: Twitter (SEGA_OFFICIAL)

Sapporo Snow Festival 3Image: Twitter (3110heiheii)

▼ It’s just as beautiful under construction.

Sapporo Snow Festival2Image: Twitter (Sapporo_PRD)

Sapporo Snow Festival 13Image: Twitter (YOSushi)

Sapporo Snow Festival30Image: Twitter (Sapporo6h)

▼ Commemorating the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi.

Sapporo Snow Festival15Image: Twitter (2morebags)

▼ Even Bing is celebrating the Sapporo Snow Festival, featured on their home page.

Sapporo Snow Festival14Image: Twitter (UKBing)

Sapporo Snow Festival22Image: Twitter (Sapporo6h)

Sapporo Snow Festival14Image: Twitter (Sapporo6h)

Sapporo Snow Festival23Image: Twitter (erebadan)

We hope you enjoy these small snippets of the 2014 Sapporo Snow Festival! If you’re there right now, we’re so jealous!

Featured image: Twitter (Sha1r)