Missing out on the 67th Sapporo Snow Festival? Check out some of the snow sculptures that have been popular on Twitter!

Sapporo’s annual Snow Festival is in full swing right now, and there have been plenty of sculptures attracting attention online. Even if you can’t make it in person, at least you can check out some of the best (and weirdest) pieces of frozen art!

And speaking of weird, here’s a snow sculpture that features a giant frog eating someone. It was apparently created by someone from Australia, but it certainly seems to be fitting in just fine!

We have no idea who built this next one — but we’d give them an A for effort! The artist did a pretty good job crafting one of the most iconic Star Wars images — Han Solo frozen in carbonite — out of snow.

There was also a Love Live piece, as you may have expected!

R2-D2 even got a piece all to himself. Hey, the little guy is finally getting the respect he deserves!


There was also a snow sculpture for the Madogatari Exhibit, which is currently open in Sapporo!

Some Macross character got the snowy treatment as well…

…along with that very family-friendly scamp Ted!

And, finally, we end with the fan-favorite Snow Miku!

We can’t help wondering where she’s headed so fast…maybe the vocaloid is on her way to perform for a talk show host in the US?

Event Information
67th Sapporo Snow Festival
Address: Sapporo Hokkaido (See here for full event map.)
Dates: February 5 to 11, 2016 (Odori and Suskino sites) and February 5 to 18 (Tsudome site)

References: Hamusoku (1, 2)
Featured images: Twitter/@TED_MOVIE2013, Twitter/@635793Makinamu, Twitter/@rabbit_love8715

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