Sapporo Snow Festival

Sapporo Snow Festival now officially open online!

Enjoy all the fun of Japan’s biggest winter festival from the comfort of your own home.

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Sapporo Snow Festival moves to effectively cancel event for first time in history

Next year’s exhibition venues look set to be empty for the first time in 71 years.

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Sapporo Snow Festival 2019 opens in Japan

Star Wars, anime favourites, and tennis pro Naomi Osaka all make an appearance at this year’s event.

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Huge Final Fantasy snow sculpture creates epic dragon battle with awesome projection mapping【Vid】

Come for the fire-breathing dragon vs. Dragoon action, stay for the iconic victory fanfare.

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Sapporo Snow Festival reveals upcoming ice sculptures and displays for 2018

Towering snow sculptures pay homage to Final Fantasy and Osamu Tezuka’s beloved anime characters.

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Final Fantasy VII projection mapping is dazzling guests at Sapporo’s Snow Festival【Video】

Cloud’s snowy face-off against Sephiroth just got much more intense!

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Japan’s Sapporo Snow Festival reveals amazing snow sculptures for 2017

Fans of Star Wars, Final Fantasy and Pen-Pineapple-Apple-Pen have fallen in love with this year’s breathtaking giant displays.

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Watch this Sapporo Snow Festival sculpture being torn down with heavy equipment 【Video】

Sometimes the best part of a festival is the clean up!

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Check out some of the cool, weird, and funny sculptures featured at Sapporo’s Snow Festival

Missing out on the 67th Sapporo Snow Festival? Check out some of the snow sculptures that have been popular on Twitter!

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Snow Miku is back, and this time she’s collaborating with μ’s from Love Live!

It’s less than a month till the Snow Miku 2016 festival! And even more fans will be delighted this year, as Miku teams up with μ’s from Love Live!

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As the Sapporo Snow Festival ends, the Sapporo Demolition Festival begins!

As sad as we are to say it, the 66th Annual Sapporo Snow Festival has now come to a close. In case you missed our coverage this year, this is when people from around the world come the snowy city of Sapporo, Hokkaido to create massive and gorgeous works of art out of ice and snow.

However, a lesser-known festival has been spreading around Twitter recently. It’s the unofficial Sapporo Demolition Festival, where excavators come in and mercilessly rip apart these massive and gorgeous works of art. While it doesn’t have the same international drawing power of the Snow Festival, many people have been on hand at the Demolition Festivals past and present to take plenty of video and images of the fun.

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See the dark side of the force in pure white with Snow Festival’s gigantic Star Wars sculpture

Last week, we took a sneak peek at the upcoming Sapporo Snow Festival by checking out an icy rendering of an idol trio from hit anime Love Live! Freaked out as we were by their unfinished yet crazed expressions, it turns out Umi, Honoka, and Kotori aren’t the most intimidating characters showing up at this year’s event.

That title goes to the massive snow sculpture of fallen Jedi Darth Vader, who rolled into the largest city in Hokkaido with the sort of backup that’d you’d expect from the Supreme Commander of the Empire’s space fleet.

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Snow sculpture of anime girls with soulless eyes is bone-chilling in two different ways

The key difference between being an idol singer and a pop diva is warmth. Even if you’ve got perfect pitch and unshakable rhythm, if you want to succeed as an idol, you still need a heart-melting smile. Really, as long as you’ve got the smile, idol fans will even cut you a lot of slack on not having the other two.

So it’s a little unusual to gaze upon this trio of anime idols and feel a chill run down your spine, and not just because they’re made of snow.

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Darth Vader to be featured in large-scale Star Wars snow sculpture at 2015 Sapporo Snow Festival

The annual Sapporo Snow Festival held in Japan’s northernmost prefecture has been delighting tourists and locals for over six decades. Each year, artists from around the world are invited to show off their talents constructing enormous structures out of ice and snow.

To commemorate the release of the seventh installment of the Star Wars series, The Walt Disney Company has collaborated with festival officials to design what looks to be the most epic large-scale snow sculpture yet, featuring enormous snow versions of Darth Vader, three Storm Troopers, a TIE fighter, and the Death Star.

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The 2014 Sapporo Snow Festival【Photo Gallery】

Last year we brought you a firsthand account of the 2013 Sapporo Snow Festival, with more images of snow and ice sculptures than you can get your tongue stuck to. This year, we’re sad to say we couldn’t make it out to the annual event up in Japan’s northernmost prefecture, so we’ve been living vicariously through Twitter users. Some of the images we’ve seen are too good not to share, so we decided to give you a little taste of the snow festival through the following gallery of images from Twitter.

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