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Today the marketing industry is a multi-billion dollar entity that spends countless man-hours designing and maintaining relatable brand logos. That’s why the work of pop-culture artist, Bruce Yan, is so cool. He takes characters we all know and love and uses them to recreate logos we see every day, somehow managing to give rise to a brand new and yet completely familiar logo. From the Girl Scout symbol to Morton Salt, take a look at his clever redesigns after the jump!

▼ “Ghibli Scouts”
Bruce Yan Logo3

▼ “Astro Big Boy Burgers”Bruce Yan Logo2

▼ “Regular Blue Jay” (from Regular Show)

Bruce Yan Logo8

▼ John Deere GodBruce Yan Logo9

▼ Kiki and Jiji in the Hawaiian Airlines logo.Bruce Yan Logo4

▼ Charlie Brown as the BIC pen mascot.Bruce Yan Logo

▼ Ariel, Sebastian, and Flotsam and Jetsam as the Starbucks logo.Bruce Yan Logo11

▼ Bugs Bunny as the Playboy logo.Bruce Yan Logo10

▼ Our favorite one! Morton Salt Totoro and friends.Bruce Yan Logo6

You can actually buy Bruce Yan’s artwork over at Gallery 1988, though many of his pieces are unfortunately sold out. At least we can all admire his creative works!

Source: Kotaku
Images: 1988