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Even haters of Facebook’s new “reactions” may reconsider after seeing all of the fun modifications you can make with this new browser extension.

Whether you are a “Yes! I finally get to share my complicated feelings on a Facebook post with these new ‘reactions'” kind of person, or a “No, no, we shouldn’t open the door to sharing negative feelings” kind of person, we’re pretty sure you’ll be down with this browser extension.

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Reaction Packs is a browser add-on available for Firefox and Google Chrome, which allows you to modify your Facebook “reactions” with cute (or not so cute) characters of your choosing. So, instead of Facebook’s standard round, yellow guy, you can get, say, Pikachu or Totoro to help you tell the online world exactly how you feel. Reaction Packs even lets you create and share your own if you can’t find what you’re looking for. So far, our favorites include:

▼ Susuwatari from My Neighbor Totoro

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▼ Totoro himself!

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▼ Homura Akemi from Puella Magi Madoka MagicaScreen Shot 2016-03-13 at 20.47.45

▼ The boys from Haikyu!

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▼ Digimon

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▼ You can also make Packs with photos, like of Block B

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▼ And, of course, AKB48

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Once you add the extension to your browser, you can go through the Reaction Pack website to find the reactions of your choosing. Once you find the one you want, hit “Use this Pack.”

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The extension will automatically set up your Facebook to use your new Pack instead of the default (you may need to refresh, if Facebook is already open).

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Unfortunately, you can’t have more than one Reaction Pack running at a time, but they are really easy to change, so you could, in theory, modify your “reactions” to find the perfect fit for your real-life reaction. But, keep in mind, the Pack you have is only visible to you, and will show up as the usual reaction to everyone else.

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There are already over 350 different packs to choose from, ranging from anime characters to political figures. Although, you might not be a huge fan of the new Facebook “reactions,” we’re willing to bet that you can find that perfect Reaction Pack to make your social networking that much more entertaining.

Source: Reaction Packs
Images: Reaction Packs, Facebook/RocketNews24

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