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With an estimated 50 percent of unsolicited mail being thrown away without even being opened, one advertising agency has come up with an original idea: send the mail to cats, instead of their owners!

As you might expect, the product being advertised is cat-related! When Canadian company Bulk Cat Litter Warehouse approached ad agency Rethink Communications for a direct flyer, they came up with this clever mailout that your kitty will adore!

So how does it work? Well, the flyers look pretty ordinary:


But they have a secret weapon. They’re scented with catnip! Sure enough, these cute little critters can’t get enough of the lovely-smelling leaflet:


And (so the theory goes), noticing their beloved pet’s sudden euphoria, the owner will come over to see what they’re so excited about, thus putting the advert right in the owner’s hands!


Granted, it’ll only work with households with a cat in them, but it looks like at least one member of the family could soon be paying more attention to that pile of junk mail on the mat!

Source: IT Media
Images/video: Rethink Communications