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A special message is being displayed on Tokyo Tower in memory of those lost during the March 11, 2011 earthquake and resulting tsunami, as well as to promote a sense of unity across the country.

This evening between 6:30pm and midnight, the message “kizuna tuyoku” will be displayed across one side of Tokyo Tower’s main viewing platform.

Translating literally as “bonds, strong”, the message is intended to remind Tokyoites of those in the northeast whose lives were, in many cases irreparably, altered on that fateful day, and urge them to continue to show support as we approach the disaster’s third anniversary tomorrow. (The phonetic character「つ」is sometimes written “tu” rather than “tsu” by older Japanese, though perhaps the former was chosen here for its shorter character length and visual balance.)

Almost 16,000 people lost their lives on March 11 2011, the vast majority killed by the tsunami that struck shortly after the earthquake. Tomorrow, memorial services will be held and many people will observe a moment’s silence at 14:46, the time the quake struck.

As sad a reminder as the display is, if you’re in the Tokyo area we urge you to head over and see it for yourselves.

Source: IT Media
Photo: Tokyo Tower homepage