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Back in June 2013, talented programmer Alex Onsager brought us Pokémon Fusion, showing us what would happen if two Pokémon were to…ahem…get it on and…um…put the head and color scheme of one Pokémon on the body of another. While the combinations turned out to be pretty cool and cute in sprite form, fan artists have taken these new Pokémon to a whole different level. If this Cuchan is any indication, you gotta “check-out-the-rest-and-try-out-your-own-combinations-to-see” ’em all.

When Pokémon XY introduced the Mega Evolution, a lot of gamers were wondering what the next step of evolution would be. Why not Pokémon fusion? You can already breed Pokémon to get the best version of a single type. The next logical step would be to breed two different kinds of Pokémon together in order to mix-and-match and customize your own Pokémon dream team. If those fusions looked anything like what these fan artists have come up with, I’d load up my team with them to take on the Elite Four!

For example, how cool would it be to have a couple of Beedrill fusion Pokémon?

▼ Move over Volcarona, we’ve got Beemeleon!


▼ This is the Pokémon you teach HM02 Fly to. Team Rocket will never bother you now!


Or if flying Pokémon aren’t your thing, we’ve got the powerful Staros.

▼ I want to stare at Staros all day!


And the stealthy but deadly Tentath!

▼ “Solid Snake’s got nothing on me.”


▼ Cuchan will knock you out.


While the Nidonines, king and queen versions will look good doing it.

▼ Purple is the color of royalty.

Nidonine (King ver)

▼ Blue is still very regal though.

Nidonine (Queen ver)

If scaring the opposing Pokémon into submission is your thing, the fan artists have come through for you!

▼ Nightmares were made for these.


▼ I thought I would never dislike fluffy things…


▼ Look! Skull helmets for…OMG, it’s coming out of its eyes!


▼ This actually probably exists at the bottom of the ocean…


▼ I think the rings of teeth go all the way down like a penguin. P.S. Don’t Google “penguin mouth.”


▼ Perhaps No-Face ate a Spearow.


A lot of Pokémon masters tend to choose the cutest Pokémon. Pikachu and Eevee love to make you say “aww” before they pound your team into the ground. We might have some new fused Pokémon for those masters as well.

▼ “Aww Zuton! Your teeth are so big!


▼ Cute and mischievous.


▼ I just want to hug it and cuddle with it and have its beak poke peopleDorb

▼ Who can take a sunrise…Chanchan can!


▼ Sweet! A walking gravy boat!


▼ Look at how furry it is!


Let’s face it though, most Pokémon masters are going to choose the most bad-ass Pokémon they can get. How about this trio of Pokémon from artist Kendall Hale?

▼ “Who is your daddy and what does he do?”


▼ “Hmph, are you saying you have power of attorney from Venudrill?”


▼ Finishing off the Godzilla, Mothra, Gamera triple crown.


The bad-ass ranks don’t stop there though.

▼ Would Cukazam play his bone spoons telekinetically?


▼ Marodra doesn’t even need to see you to destroy you.


▼ This wouldn’t look out of place in Puzzle & Dragons either.


▼ Even Kamen Rider would have trouble with Starking


The choice of which Pokémon to draw were quite varied, but there were some common themes, like The Limbless Ghost Pokémon.

▼ Is this the zombie dinosaur of my dreams?


▼ Evidently NOT a flatulence Pokémon.


Lickiting’s giant tongue was featured prominently in many Fusions.

▼ The name, along with the tongue, is a mouthful.


▼ Must have eaten too much cotton candy.


▼ “Likiter? I don’t even know’er!”Lickiter

There is also what is affectionately called the “Odd Squad”.

▼ Odd Squad…adorable and perfect.

Odd squad


A few artists chose a more realistic approach.

▼ I want one and I need one.


▼ …but how does it see?


Finally, Doduo and Dodrio offered the unique opportunity to change only one of the heads of the birds, leaving the other head or heads to react to the fusion.




Be sure to share with us your favorite Pokémon Fusions in the comments!

Source: HimasokuPokémon Fusion
Images: Himasoku
Art: Courtesy of RoCu, Corny, Kendall Hale, Sir-Herp, Johnny Wander, Kane Carter, RJS, whip-o-will, MikkiDoodles, T13, SuiB, FINFROCK