Tokyo may be the largest city in the world, but Tokyoites still long for the comforts of rural Japan. While the less populous cities don’t have all the luxuries of a major metropolitan city, what they have in spades are hot springs. Hot springs remain one of the most popular getaway destinations for the busy Japanese worker. Day trips, short weekend trips, everyone longs for the chance to relax in the soothing waters of a hot spring.

But where do you find a nice, relaxing hot spring within the 23 wards of Tokyo? Is it really possible to find one that is reasonably priced? Can you find one where people respect the rules? Where guests won’t immediately enter the bath before washing themselves which makes the water dirty and suspicious? Where you won’t have to wonder what that thing floating in the water is? The answer is a resounding yes and it’s closer than you think!

About a minute walk from JR Kamata Station is the SPA&HOTEL和(Nagomi). This hotel within Tokyo has personal hot spring baths in the rooms! We repeat, IN THE ROOMS. We can’t say this enough times, because for a hotel in Tokyo, this is a real treat.


Even the TV above the bath, which you can watch while you’re soaking, isn’t as much of a perk as the bath in the privacy of your own room. And to top it all off, this is the famous “black water” of Tokyo, said to be the “beautiful skin producing water.”




Amenities abound, various shampoos, conditioners and lotions make the bath extremely relaxing from start to finish.




When your bath is finished, the room has an extremely fluffy and comfortable futon which is exactly what people in Tokyo need to fully relax away from the intensity of the city. Bathe, sleep, repeat is the secret to enjoying this amazing place. While you are free to use your private hot spring bath as many times as you want, there are also other hot springs to enjoy within the facility, and they too share the “black water” fun.




Remember though, this is still Tokyo. There are no beautiful landscapes to take in, no sounds of nature to listen to at an outdoor bath, but this hotel is definitely worth a visit. It’s a very popular getaway, so a reservation is must. And remember…there is a hot spring bath IN YOUR ROOM at SPA&HOTEL和(Nagomi).

Hotel Details

Address: Tokyo-fu, Ota, Nishikamata, 7-4-12  144-0051
Hours: 11:00am – 9:00am the next day
Open all year round

Images: RocketNews24
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