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We’re now just a couple of weeks away (unless you happen live in Japan) from the launch of Gareth Edwards’ take on the classic kaiju movie Godzilla, and distributors Warner Bros have launched a new trailer for Asia which treats us to a few extra snippets of the beasts the titular monster will be going up against. Check it out after the jump.

Japanese fans may not be overly impressed with the American studio’s envisioning of Godzilla for this movie, and we have to agree that he does look to have put on a pound or two and could probably do with hitting the gym a little more often, but we’re still incredibly excited to see this new take on the story.

Here’s the trailer released in Asia earlier this week.  

Godzilla opens pretty much everywhere between May 14-16. Except for Japan of course, where, following the usual tradition of releasing movies months later than everywhere else, cinema-goers will have to wait until July 25 to see the monster rise from the water…

▼ FFS.


Source: YouTube