Godzilla is known for making sudden appearances in Tokyo, but nobody at all expected him to show up here.

Shin Godzilla has been out in Japan for about two and a half months now, so it’s pretty safe to say most people who’re still making the trip to the theaters to see the movie are there for a repeat viewing. The proportion of dedicated kaiju enthusiasts is going to be even larger at one of the special screenings where the audience is encouraged to shout at the screen and wave glow sticks, since while that sounds like an exciting and fun experience, it’s probably not the ideal way to watch the movie for the very first time.

As such, Japanese Twitter user @hakuou_nurakura knew she’d be in the presence of other Godzilla superfans when she attended one such screening on October 4 at the Wald 9 cineplex in Tokyo’s Shinjuku district. But even then, she was amazed by the amount of love one fellow moviegoer was displaying for the King of the Monsters.

Perched atop the ear of another person waiting to get into the theater was Godzilla himself. Specifically, it’s the creature’s second form from his newest film, as seen when he terrorizes Tokyo’s Kamata neighborhood. Slightly smaller and, in relative terms, cuter than the fully developed Godzilla, this version has been dubbed “Kamata-kun” by fans.

Now, even though Godzilla is a major film who’s riding a wave of popularity in Japan these days, you can’t just walk into a Tokyo boutique and ask the clerk for a detailed Kamata-kun earring. No, that eye-catching accessory is handmade and sitting on the ear of its creator, Twitter user @kyooochang.

In addition to crafting the piece itself, @kyooochang handled the painting, as it started out pure white, like an albino Godzilla.

The project required not only an eye for detail and nimble fingers, but also some clever thinking. Those impressive-looking spines along Godzilla’s back? They’re actually plastic aquarium decorations from 100-yen shop Daiso.

It just goes to show that when you find a film franchise you can really love, you won’t be afraid to wear that passion on your sleeve or your ear.

Source: Twitter/@hakuou_nurakura