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For everyone dreaming of the chance to visit North Korea, you’re in luck. There is now an app for that

The North Korea Travel app, released on Wednesday, promises to be the most comprehensive guide ever created for tourists to the Hermit Kingdom.

The app, which will be available through both the App Store and Google play, will feature information on over 350 locations throughout the country. Each location will feature “Tour Guide Tips” provided by Simon Cockerell, who works in the North Korea travel industry and has visited the country over 120 times.

With more than 10 years experience in the country, the guide provides “insider tips on every single location in the app, all of which have been GPS mapped by the world’s leading DPRK satellite imagery expert,” NK News said in a statement.

Like a guide book, the North Korea Travel app also features additional information about the country’s history, culture, and language. Users can also build then own custom tours through the application, and then compare prices for various travel agencies based on their desired itineraries.

The application also has a dedicated off-line mode, since the developers admit that it is highly unlikely that tourists will be able to access the internet during their visit.

For those interested in North Korea, but unwilling to travel to the location, the app also features numerous photos of each potential tourist location.

It is estimated that between 1,000 to 3,000 Western tourists visit North Korea every year, with thousands more visiting from Asia. Most tours are based around North Korea’s capital Pyongyang, the DMZ, and the ancient city of Kaesong.

While tourists can visit North Korea, it is not without its dangers. Kenneth Bae, a Korean American missionary, is facing up to 15 years of hard labor in North Korea for charges of trying to overthrow the state.

The North Korea Travel app is being developed in conjunction with Uniquely.Travel and Magora Systems. After North Korea, travel guides to Iran, Burma, and Libya are in the works.

Below is the promotional video for the app:

Image: Eric Lafforgue/Courtesy NK News