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North Korea is beginning the New Year by announcing it has successfully tested a hydrogen bomb.

Suspicions were raised about underground testing in North Korea after seismic activity was first detected by the United States Geological Survey. This was followed by a news segment on Wednesday, January 6, with an official announcement from a North Korean news outlet declaring the successful testing of a hydrogen bomb.

Hydrogen bombs are significantly more powerful than atomic bombs, which were used during World War II in attacks on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Many nations voiced their outrage over the alleged test, including the U.S., South Korea, Japan, and China, but there was equally as much skepticism about whether or not the test was truly a hydrogen bomb. Some experts have said that the quake magnitude wasn’t large enough to be a true thermonuclear explosion, but it will take a while for sources outside of North Korea to confirm or deny the explosive claims.

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The last North Korean nuclear test in 2013 brought upon major sanctions from the international community, yet it has not curtailed the country’s determination to possess an H-bomb. More information will likely be coming in the days ahead about the truth of the recent test. Until then, we’ll think about buying some canned food and bottled water.

H/T: BBC News
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